What are the three best 2016 HDR 4K TVs for less than $1000? These ones…

By Stephan Jukic
October 3, 2016

As the 4K TV market becomes more competitive and mainstream than ever, several things are happening to make buying one of these TVs in 2016 a more consumer friendly experience than ever before. For one thing, the technologies of ultra HD display and all related features are standardized as never before and much more content and user friendly. Secondly, the range of high quality specs and features in even lower priced 4K TVs has expanded to the point where most of 2016’s mid-range or lower priced 4K TVs have much more to offer than even the best 4K TVs of 2013 and even early 2014 did. Finally, the best features now go into 4K TVs, with specs like HDR not even being available in HDTV models so far.

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