VIZIO 65-inch D65u –D2 Review: Good 4K Picture, If You Don’t Need HDR

Tom's Guide
By John R. Quain
November 1, 2016

Big screens benefit the most from higher 4K Ultra HD resolution, so it's not surprising that the 65-inch Vizio D-Series D65u-D2 makes a big impression. In many respects, it's a great, expansive picture for only $1,100. However, the LED LCD TV is something of a throwback to Vizio's earlier models. It is based on the company's older graphical interface, which is lackluster and limited but stable. More important, the D-Series does not support the latest high dynamic range (HDR) video formats that boast more colors and better brightness. Still, if you're simply looking for an inexpensive 4K big-screen, the Vizio D-Series is a pretty good deal.

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