The best Bluetooth speakers for every type of person

Business Insider
By Brandt Rani
November 16, 2016

It might sound strange that Vizio is responsible for the best-looking and -sounding Bluetooth speaker I've tried. The company is more well-known for its TVs, but it also makes sound bars and has taken some of the know-how it learned from making those into creating the Crave speaker. 

It's cylindrical, creates 360 degrees of rich sound through a 2.1 speaker system built into its small frame, and has some "smart" features. Those all come from the top of the speaker, which can be turned to adjust the volume, and tapped to play or pause a song. You can send music to this speaker through Vizio's SmartCast app, or any Google Cast-compatible app, but you can also stick with Bluetooth, which is what I did. 

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