VIZIO’s midpriced P-Series TVs promise high-end picture quality, throw in a free Android tablet remote

By David Katzmaier
March 22, 2016

If OLED TVs are still too rich for your blood, especially in bigger screen sizes, the new Vizio P series might be the best midpriced alternative in 2016. And that's not just because they include a free Android tablet in the box.

Last year, Vizio TVs were the highest-rated overall on CNET thanks to a combination of very good picture quality and affordable price. LG's OLED televisions delivered better images but they cost a mint, especially in sizes over 55 inches.

This year OLED shows no signs of reaching pocketbook range for normal humans, leaving LCD-based TVs to dominate the market. And the LCD TV that so far seems best positioned to score a high rating at CNET is, once again, a Vizio. I'll have to wait to see how it performs, of course, but on paper the P series is a beast.

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