VIZIO D-Series (2016) TV Review
By Lee Neikirk
March 25, 2016

If you're hunting for flat-screen bargains, the buck stops at the VIZIO D-Series (2016). While the high-end is filled out by the Reference Series and recently confirmed 2016 P-Series, the D-Series is VIZIO's pure value category once again this year.

As it stands, the D-Series is highly affordable and ubiquitous, with a whopping 25 different models of all sizes to choose from. They're all aggressively priced to move, but curiously they run the gamut from 720p sets (on the small end) to 4K when you get up to the bigger sizes. This isn't to be confused with VIZIO's E-Series TVs, which have an "E" in the model name and are primarily in 1080p, and VIZIO's nicer M-Series TVs that have an "M" in the model name and all come in 4K.

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