An overview of the VIZIO P-Series 2016 HDR 4K TVs and the SmartCast Smart App
By Stephan Jukic
March 29, 2016

VIZIO has recently unveiled its new 2016 HDR editions of the previously popular and quite highly rated P-Series 4K TVs, which were groundbreaking upon their initial late-2014 release for offering full-array LED backlighting at impressively affordable prices. The new models take things quite a bit further have offer up plenty of new technologies. One of these is what VIZIO calls SmartCast.

The company launched SmartCast in an announcement on the 22nd of March and with this new development, kickstarted the beginning of what could arguably be called a new era in smart TV home entertainment technology.

Instead of the currently popular TV-centered smart TV OS platforms of most 4K UHD television models, SmartCast works principally as a portable app and is thus in a way spread out across a whole range of display devices, sound bars and even speakers among other devices.

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