VIZIO E-Series 2016 review

By David Katzmaier
December 15, 2016

If you get one of the better ones you can expect superb image quality for a budget TV, head and shoulders above Roku TVs and better in many ways than competing midrange sets. Other E series models have picture quality likely no better than budget competitors (don't worry, I'll tell you which is which in the next section).

There's also the matter of its app-based Google Cast operation, and lack of a tuner. The E series is the closest thing you can find today to a " dumb TV ," and that's not necessarily a bad thing. To do anything more advanced on this set than turn it on, switch inputs or adjust picture mode, you'll need to use your own phone and Vizio's app. If that sounds appealing to you -- or if you don't plan to do anything more advanced than that -- it's great.

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