These are the Best 2016 4K TVs under $900 for Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year

4K Technology
By Stephen Jukin
December 24, 2016

Now we get down to our short list of what we consider to be the best 4K HDR TVs on sale for Christmas, Boxing Day and the 2016 year end Holidays at prices below $900. These models aren’t quite as stunning as the top-shelf televisions in our post on the best premium 2016 TVs but the following TVs do come with their decent share of premium features and with one exception, they all  offer the beauty of High Dynamic Range display to some degree or another. For their cost,  these are the best choices available right now in our review-based ranking.  Before we get down to the TVs themselves however, a few quick points to keep in mind about buying a 2016 4K TV vs waiting for a 2017 model:

Yes, new 4K UHD TVs will be coming out with even better display standards by the Spring of 2017 and many of them are going to get covered here at as they first get announced during CES 2017 but this doesn’t mean that a 2016 4K TV is now a bad idea. Far from it and for the following reasons.

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