Updated: VIZIO E-Series starts at $470 for 4K resolution, local dimming and Google Cast streaming

By David Katzmaier
April 19, 2016

For years I've been asking for a dumb TV. VIZIO's 2016 E-Series is one step closer to the dumb dream.

One of the company's mainstream offerings for 2016, the E-Series follows VIZIO's new smart TV design edict: Get rid of the onscreen smart TV menu system entirely, and replace it with Google Cast, the popular streaming platform exemplified by devices like the $35 Chromecast. VIZIO is calling it SmartCast.

If you want to watch Netflix on the E-Series, for example, you'll have to use the Netflix app on your phone or tablet and "Cast" to the TV. The same goes for any other streaming app -- except the handful that aren't supported by Cast, notably Amazon Video (which was available on previous VIZIO TVs). Don't have a phone or tablet handy in the living room all the time? Then either use a device like a Roku or Apple TV, or buy a different TV.

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