VIZIO P65ui-B2 4K Ultra HD TV Review

Digital Trends
By Caleb Denison
May 14, 2015

There is a deliberately  un -flashy vibe to the P-Series’ aesthetic that we appreciate. There’s no chrome strip around the bezel, the TV’s stand isn’t fashioned to resemble an ocean wave … the TV is simple, unassuming, and handsome in an unpretentious way. When you stare it down, all you see is black, a dark bezel practically blending into the screen, VIZIO's moniker tucked modestly into the lower right corner.

In the box with the 68-lb. television are VIZIO's dual-sided remote control (with QWERTY keyboard on the back side) and the TV’s stand and hardware – not much really. In fact, it’s what isn’t in the box that we find interesting: 3D glasses. That’s because this TV isn’t 3D capable, a fact which we applaud. Why force people to pay for tech they’ll never use?

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