The Ultimate Gift For Dads and Grads: VIZIO E-Series
By Kenneth Fish
June 5, 2015

Paying a monthly bill just for the pleasure of being incessantly advertised at while half watching reruns on cable while you poke around the Internet on your favorite device is silly and a lot of us still do it. For people raised in front of a television, especially those of us that are old enough to remember the days before cable made it to town, it was a service in high demand. It was the only way to get more than just a couple grainy channels and it really felt like it was worth every penny. Enter the WiFi-enabled Smart TV. This technology is the game changer that the cable companies likely fear the most, and it is for very good reason. Launched back at the end of March, the new VIZIO E-Series Full-Array LED Smart TV delivers Smart TV technology at a price that is actually affordable with no major drawbacks when compared to much more expensive televisions.

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