You May Not Want 4K, But VIZIO’s New Sets Are Worth A Look

By Tim Moynihan
April 14, 2015

At the moment,  4K TVs are a hard sell. The sets are pricey, content is scarce, and 4K streaming solutions are still a ways off. There’s not much incentive to become an early adopter. 

VIZIO is trying to change that, as its 2015 lineup includes Ultra HD models at prices modest enough to make taking the leap seem smart. They’re also packed with excellent contrast enhancement features, so they’re worth checking out even if you just plan to watch upscaled HD content.

The company’s new M-Series sets are its mid-range models—pricing starts at $600—but they come loaded with specs that would make them higher than high-end if we were looking at the market of one year ago. Some of the sets’ picture-quality enhancements are arguably more important than the 4K spec.

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