What is HDR and Why is it Important in 4K TVs?

Electronic House
By Grant Clauser
April 23, 2015

Lately the term HDR (high dynamic range) has been popping up in some of our coverage of new 4K TVs, and soon, if not already, you’ll hear the phrase bounced around at electronics stores and dealer showrooms. So what, you’re probably asking, is HDR for TVs and why should you care?

HDR or high dynamic range, is actually pretty simple, though the steps to create it may be more complex. In a nutshell, the dynamic range of a TV is how bright and how dark it can get. A TV with HDR capabilities can display a much greater range between the whites and blacks in the picture. This is essentially the same thing as a high contrast ratio, but the TV industry needed a better, snazzier term, so we get HDR.

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