VIZIO SB4051-C0 review

By Ty Pendlebury & Steve Guttenberg
April 21, 2015

While VIZIO televisions have enjoyed a few years of slim, modern designs it's taken a lot longer for its A/V components to catch up. The 2015 range looks refreshingly slick however, with their black grilles and aluminum accents.

The VIZIO SB4051-C0 is the company's new penultimate sound bar and at $349 is the "cheapest" model to feature HDMI ports. The older 54-inch S5451w-C2 remains at the top of the line.

While the SB4051 offers great performance with home cinema dialogue, its sound suffers from an overly prominent subwoofer, even at the lowest volume level. Rule of thumb: if you can hear a subwoofer, it's too loud.

On the other hand, VIZIO's greatest asset is its true surround-sound capability; at this price nothing else can touch it. Paired with its good looks and a stacked feature set, the SB4051 is a fine option. If only the company can fix that sub.

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