VIZIO Reference Series HDR UHDTVs at 2015 Product Showcase

By Mark Henninger
April 14, 2015

VIZIO aims for the top with the Reference Series, a pair of HDR FALD-LCD displays that are the first to support Dolby Vision.

At CES 2014, VIZIO made a huge splash with its Reference Series of LCD TVs, which boasted LED FALD (full-array, local dimming) backlighting and—most importantly—Dolby Vision high dynamic-range (HDR) capability. Since then, videophiles have been clamoring for news about when the Reference Series will be available, but VIZIO has maintained complete silence.

Yesterday, I attended VIZIO's 2015 product showcase in Manhattan, and there it was—the Reference Series in all its glory. The Reference is a 120 Hz, 384-zone FALD LCD that supports Dolby Vision HDR. Available in two sizes—65" and 120"—it features an expanded color gamut that fully encompasses the DCI-P3 specification and covers 70% of the BT.2020 gamut.

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