VIZIO gives you quality 4K on a budget, but you’ll need to work for it

Digital Trends
By Caleb Denison
April 20, 2015

Now that we’ve finally had a chance to check out VIZIO's P-Series 4K UHD TV in our controlled testing lab, we find ourselves in a bit of a quandary. While the TV offers a lot of performance for the price (VIZIO's hallmark, dontcha know) it requires a fair amount of tweaking to look its best. And since it’s sandwiched between the updated M-Series line and higher-performance Reference series, you have to ask: Is the P-Series relevant anymore?

VIZIO has garnered plenty of press lately, but not all of it positive. Priced at only $1,000 for the 50-inch model and $2,500 for the 70-inch, VIZIO's P-Series made big waves at launch. But the company took some heat when the TVs hit store shelves and reviewers started complaining about artificially high sharpness levels that made the sets look fake. To VIZIO's credit, it was quick to address a “bug” in its processors with a firmware update in February, but as the saying goes: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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