VIZIO Is Going All In on 4K TV

Wall Street Journal
By Nathan Oliverez-Giles
April 13, 2015

Last year, we saw 4K TVs selling for $1,000. This year, VIZIO will be selling 4K sets for as little as $600. On Monday, VIZIO announced the details of its 2015 lineup and nearly all of it will be 4K, the Ultra HD format that’s four times the resolution of the typical 1080p HDTV. The 2015 edition of VIZIO's M-Series LCD TVs, which range in screen sizes from 43 inches to 80 inches, will be one of the most accessible ways to get 4K, when they arrive in stores.

The M-Series is VIZIO's mid-range line, but the TVs will offer some higher-end features like slim bezels, a metallic-looking finish stand and five HDMI ports. More importantly, they will have full-array LED backlighting, broken into 32 separate zones to allow for local dimming to help deliver deep black levels. That means higher contrast than LCD technology can typically achieve. Refresh rates for the 43-inch to 55-inch models are 120Hz; the 60-inch to 80-inch models will have the more desirable 240Hz. (The higher the refresh rate, the less motion blur.) A six-core processor in each TV will help render 4K video from Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services. The new M-Series TVs are set to hit stores over the next few weeks.

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