Power to the People with the New VIZIO E-Series

By Kenneth Fish
April 3, 2015

Just last week, the number one Smart TV company in the United States, VIZIO, announced it’s brand new E-Series Full-Array LED Smart TV collection. This new collection, which is backed by VIZIO’s longstanding command of HDTV technology, features LED backlighting with up to 16 Active LED Zones for brilliant picture quality as well as VIZIO’s Internet Apps Plus to help you find all the movies, TV programs, and cat videos you’ve ever wanted to watch.

Thanks to VIZIO, binge-watching on a Smart LED TV, is now an extraordinary value. The value grows even bigger when you throw in all the money you can save by getting rid of the 500 channels of cable you never watch and replacing it with content of your choosing through the myriad apps available on the E-Series. Best of all, thanks to the Full-Array LED setup behind the entire screen, your favorite content will be bright and beautiful with crisp color definition and darker black levels.

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