Hands on with VIZIO’s M-series Ultra HD TV: The beautiful $600 screen

By Raymond Wong
April 13, 2015

VIZIO is doing it again: It's bringing Ultra HD (UHD) TVs with stunning picture quality to the masses at a surprisingly low price.

Falling between the company's full HD E-series and UHD P-series, the new M-series starts at $599.99 for a 43-inch flat screen. 

The other eight models are reasonably priced, too, for their respective screen sizes: $769.99 (49-inch); $799.99 (50-inch); $999.99 (65-inch); $1,499 (60-inch); $1,699.99 (65-inch); $2,199.99 (70-inch); $2999 (75-inch) and $3999 (80-inch).

Time was when VIZIO TVs were budget in every sense: Price and picture quality. Over the last few years, the company's intense focus on the latter have made it the No. 1 Smart TV company in the U.S.

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