4K TVs From a Mainstream Manufacturer: A Conversation with VIZIO's Carlos Angulo

By Bob Kovacs
October 9, 2014

As with any potential technology advance, there are plenty of chickens and eggs. Although there have been inexpensive 4K TVs from off-brand manufacturers and fairly pricy 4K TVs from well-known name brands, VIZIO recently became the first big name manufacturer to announce a 50-inch 4K TV for less than $1,000. To put that into perspective, in 2007 I bought a 47-inch Vizio 1080p TV for $1,650, and thought that was a bargain. In addition to a 50-inch model, the company also introduced 55-, 60-, 65- and 70-inch 4K/UHD models.

BE Extra spoke with Carlos Angulo, the senior manager for product marketing at VIZIO, about the technology behind these consumer TVs and the impact of 4K/Ultra HD.

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