The 2014 GP100 – The 100 Greatest Products on Earth
By Geoff Parker
November 17, 2014

VIZIO P Series 4k TV 4k for the Masses - It’s a common refrain: give any technology long enough, and it’ll become affordable for the masses. But 4K felt like it might follow a similar trajectory as OLED — in other words, never truly affordable. But just in time for the holidays, VIZIO has somehow managed to work its patented magic once more: the company known for living on the margin and putting every other television maker on notice is now shipping 4K sets for as low as $999. In other words, watching the next Super Bowl on a 4K screen is suddenly feasible. As a matter of comparison, most everyone else (Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, etc.) has 4K 50-inch starter sets at $1,400 and up. VIZIO’s cost of entry is on an entirely different level.

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