Find the Missing Piece to Your Home Theatre Puzzle
By Seamus Bellamy
November 11, 2014

With its 60” high contrast full 1080p LED display, wide 178°/178° viewing angles and 120hz refresh rate, the VIZIO E series is a great choice for television lovers, movie buffs and hardcore gamers. Pairing it with an Apple TV, Roku Stick, Sony Playstation 3 and plain old vanilla cable service, I found that there wasn’t anything that its massive display couldn’t handle well. The television’s colours were rich, true to life and varied. It’s blacks were deep, and images, at all but the highest speeds, moved across the screen with almost no blurring. Two built-in 10 watt speakers provided me with perfectly respectable sound quality (albeit without a lot of low end rumble,) and thanks to the E series’ three HDMI ports, ethernet jack, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, a USB port and a bevy of component and composite plug-ins it’s a TV that’ll meet most people’s home theatre needs for years to come. What’s more, as it’s a smart TV, the Series E comes packed full of baked in applications such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Crackle to keep most people happy and ignoring everyone else in the room for hours on end.

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