VIZIO Announces Two Sound Bars And A Sound Stand For 2014

Vizio has announced new additions to its sound bar collection. The three new offerings include the S2121w-C2, S3851w-C2, and S5451w-C2.

The S2121w-C2 is the smallest of the group, with a 21-inch wide form factor. However, unlike a typical sound bar, this unit also serves as a base or platform (Vizio refers to it as Sound Stand) that you can set your TV on top of (50lbs or less in weight), requiring less space that a sound bar. In addition to its 2-channel speaker configuration (each speaker is 2.5-inches in diameter), the S2121w-C2 Sound Stand also incorporates two built-in 5/25-inch subwoofers that can reproduce frequencies down to about 60Hz.

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