VIZIO Announces Its First Consumer 4K TVs, Kills All 3D Support

A year after unveiling its first 4K TV prototype, Vizio is fully commiting to the ultra high-def technology. Here at CES, the company is expanding its TV lineup to include a new P Series — Vizio's first consumer-grade 4K television. Set to be in available in sizes ranging between 50 and 70 inches, the P Series, in Vizio's own words, "is the culmination of advanced picture quality, powerful performance and a beautifully simple Ultra HD experience." These TVs feature advanced local dimming, a backlight that consists of 64 Active LED Zones, and even Vizio's very own custom silicon. All of that fancy language means that you'll ultimately be looking at a fantastic picture. The demo units on hand at the company's suite were vibrant, sharp, and incredibly detailed. But how much will they cost? The company's chief technology officer, Matt McRae, would only tell The Verge that the P-Series will be priced "aggressively."

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