The Best Of CES 2014 - Best HDTV: VIZIO 120-Inch Reference Series UHDTV

Best HDTV: Vizio 120-Inch Reference Series UHDTV
While Samsung and LG were fighting over who could get the biggest curved Ultra HD (UHD, or 4K) screen on-stage first, Vizio revealed a whopping 120-inch UHD screen, albeit not curved, to little fanfare. It's the largest of Vizio's Reference Series of UHDTVs, which stand at the top of the company's foray into 4K. Vizio has clear designs on pushing Vizio from a brand of primarily midrange HDTVs into a company that offers the full gamut from budget models to high-end, cinephile screens. We've yet to be sold on the usefulness of curved screens, and while OLED has a lot of potential, it's been in the pipe for years now with little success. Vizio embraces 4K as its Next Big Thing, and is making it as big as possible.

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