CES 2014 Trends

Last year was the year of 4K -- TVs with roughly 4,000 pixels in the horizontal plane. By comparison, 1080p TVs count as a mere 2K. As with most breakthrough technologies, there is usually a pretty sizable gap between when they first start making the rounds and when they actually make it into the homes of consumers the world over. Case in point here; consider plain old HD, which -- if you even remember -- was first announced back in 1999. It took about 10 years for HD to effectively penetrate the market. Most of the 4K sets that we saw last year, if they were available to consumers at all, were in the five-figure range, and not really something most of us would be able to consider. This year, however, we were pleasantly surprised by some of the price tags on 4K TV sets. Big brands like Samsung and LG unveiled their entry 4K sets at around $3,000. One of the biggest showstoppers this year was from VIZIO, believe it or not, which unveiled a fantastic-looking 50-inch 4K TV for a mere $999.

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