Best Of CES 2014 Award Winners Announced!

** Ultra HDTV’s Best of the Best Award **

Vizio unveiled their Reference Series lineup at CES 2014. Wow, just wow. The 120-inch ‘Reference Series’ Ultra HD Smart TV is more than 6 feet high, and almost 9 feet wide, weighing just over 100 pounds — basically it is its own piece of furniture. The Reference Series Ultra HD TV features ‘High Dynamic Range’ technology with 384 Active LED Zones and an 800-nit ‘Ultra-Bright’ backlight, which they claim provides better brightness and contrast than any other Ultra HDTV. They got that right! Absolutely amazing!

We had to give Vizio our 2014 Best of the Best Award. The picture quality on the Reference Series is impressive, and the brightness makes you wonder why you even waste your time with other TVs. Vizio has not yet announced pricing or availability for the Reference Series, but given the history of this company, this high-end Ultra High Definition Television might be more affordable than you’d think.

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