VIZIO's 4K UHD TVs Look Good... And Break The Price Barrier
By Marshal Rosenthal
December 3, 2014

4K TVs may have astounding pictures — 4X that of HDTVs — but what good are they if you can’t afford one to watch? VIZIO gets that because their entire P-Series line — from 50” to 70” — breaks the price barrier. None of them is nowhere near what the major brands want for their like-sized models. So there’s got to be something wrong, something “off” with these VIZIO 4K TVs, right? Wrong. VIZIO gave us a tour that was like going to an art gallery, only instead of artwork on the walls, there were VIZIO 4K TVs demonstrating just what they could do. Here’s what these VIZIO’s have that makes their displays more than just pieces of hi-res glass.

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