VIZIO M422i 42" M-Series Smart LED HDTV Review
By Marshal Rosenthal
August 14, 2014

$499.99 buys you the VIZIO M422i 42″ M-Series Smart LED HDTV and the VIA Plus Smart TV platform — which is really the heart of what makes this set stand out.  It provides a smooth, seamless interface for playing content from many internet sources, making them almost appear as if they were TV channels.  The interface is very simple and easy to use to play content from not only the obvious locations such as Netflix and Amazon and Hulu, but also from one-button web channels “apps” like Funny or Die, and also from streaming music services like I Heart Radio. VIZIO I think finally figured out how to make a compelling viewing experience for the consumer and, combined with the easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard and simple navigation, makes the VIZIO VIA Plus a great media viewer/TV set to own and enjoy.

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