VIZIO VSB205 Home Theater Soundbar Reviewed
By Andrew Robinson
July 15, 2011

It seems every week Vizio expands into a new market. First it was HDTVs (they were originally a computer monitor company by the name of Princeton Graphics), then came DVD and Blu-ray players . Now, the electronics giant has branched into speakers, specifically soundbars like the VSB205 reviewed here. Retailing for $119.99 the VSB205 is the least expensive and smallest soundbar that Vizio currently makes, but does that mean it's the lesser for it? Let's find out.

The VSB205 is a compact soundbar designed to be mated with HDTVs 32-inches and larger though if you're one who values design and proportion I wouldn't recommend pairing the VSB205 with any HDTV larger than 40-inches diagonal for its 31.5-inch width would look out of place. VSB205 is styled in the same vein as other Vizio soundbars, the only cue you have that it's not one of its costlier siblings is the fact that it is smaller -and doesn't have a subwoofer. The VSB205 is a two channel only speaker containing two, two and three quarter inch full-range drivers giving it a reported frequency response of 90Hz to 19.5kHz. Vizio states that the VSB205 is capable of sound pressure levels of 98dB though I'm not sure I'd recommend it. The VSB205 is a simple, straightforward affair possessing only two inputs, a pair of RCA style analog audio input as well as a single 3.5mm audio input. Despite having SRS WOW HD sound processing technology there is no surround sound or even faux surround sound decoding or playback of any kind present here. In other words, think of the VSB205 as providing you with enhanced built-in loudspeakers for your HDTV.

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