January 29, 2009

By Dusty Overby

The following is true: a man does not need a reason to pine for a beautiful new TV. In fact, he doesn’t even need much of an excuse to treat himself to one. Sure these are challenging economic times, but save up your pennies and make an investment in your own well being by way of a flat-panel stimulus package. Just think of how much more productive you’ll be after relaxing with one of these bad boys, rather than with that 27” CRT left over from your dorm room days.

One thing is clear, men; if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to advance yourself by advancing your TV. So whether you are getting equipped for the big game this weekend, anticipating a hefty tax return, or just looking to bring your living room into modern fashion, allow Gear Patrol to recommend a black beauty to suit your personal budget and performance needs. After all, it’s a GP maxim that every man deserves a great TV.

Vizio ECO Friendly 32” LCD VECO320L (Best HDTV Under $500)

Vizio has long stood for value in the realm of flat-panel televisions, and now, with their 32” ECO model, your savings will extend beyond checkout to your monthly electric bill. The VECO320L exceeds the latest TV energy efficiency standard (Energy Star 3.0) by over 15%, which is as good for the planet as it is for your pocket. Solid visual performance, reliability, and decidedly uncraptastic design really set Vizio apart from other so-called value brands. Consider this 32” set for a bedroom or small living space, and be sure to give extra kudos to Vizio for throwing a bone to the individualist by offering a finish other than black (and I thought that my Samsung LN-S4052D was the only one).