iSuppli: Vizio Holds Q3 LCD Lead

November 20, 2007
By Greg Tarr


El Segundo, Calif. — Third-quarter 2007 consumer TV display research from iSuppli showed that Vizio retained its top spot in the North American LCD TV category for the second quarter in a row, despite a strong market share advance from Samsung.

According to the iSuppli’s findings, Vizio accounted for 13 percent of North American LCD TV unit shipments in the period, down slightly from its 13.7 percent showing in the second quarter.

This gave Vizio a 0.2 percentage point lead compared to Samsung, after enjoying a 2.9 percentage point advantage in the second quarter of 2007, iSuppli said.

“Samsung came on strong in the third quarter, with its share rising to 12.8 percent, up from 10.8 percent in the second quarter,” iSuppli said.

“Vizio continues to succeed based on its combination of low-cost products and high-profile sales channels,” said Riddhi Patel, iSuppli television systems principal analyst. “The addition of a prominent sales campaign has helped Vizio to establish itself firmly in the awareness of North American consumers.”

Patel attributed Samsung’s showing to new model introductions in preparation for the holiday selling season.

Although Vizio controls the lead, the competition is striking back, Patel said, as all the other top six brands increased their market share as Vizio’s declined.

The other brands increased their presence and promotions since Vizio’s wake-up call in the second quarter, said Patel.

In order to support the anticipated sales, the inventory has risen to the five- to seven-week level for most major brands, and thus the boost in shipments.

Patel said Vizio still maintains three to four weeks of inventory at its retail channels.

This level of competition will only intensify as brands battle for control of the marquee North American LCD TV market, Patel predicted.

The fourth quarter of 2007 is anticipated to be a strong sales period for North America because it is the peak shopping season annually and the best deals for the year are available during the period.

Furthermore, due to the softness of the U.S. economy, OEMs are likely to offer additional discounts to promote their brands. This is all good news for consumers.

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