Identifier For Advertising (IFA) and Limited Tracking

All apps featuring any form of advertising must use VIZIO’s FCC-compliant Identifier for Advertising API. For full SmartCast integration documentation, please reach out to VIZIO through the form available at

Developers must register with the VIZIO device IFA handler to receive the IFA parameters - Identifier, Identifier Type and Limited Ad Tracking. Applications will be notified of the modifications to any value through this callback. Once the change in value has been notified, the application must use the new values thereafter.

   * Set AdvertiserIDListener
   *  @param {Function} cb - Event callback function with JSON response
   *  Parameter that will be passed to the callback
   *  @param {object} IFA Parameter object
   *   e.g. {IFA: , IFA_TYPE: "vida", LMT: <0 or 1>}
   *    IFA - Unique identifier string for advertising
   *    IFA_TYPE - String value for IFA type (“vida”)
   *    LMT - 0 or 1 (1=Limited tracking enabled, 0=Limited tracking disabled)


window.VIZIO.setAdvertiserIDListener( function(AdvertiserID) {
    		console.log("Advertiser ID: " + AdvertiserID.IFA)
console.log("Advertiser ID Type: " + AdvertiserID.IFA_TYPE)
console.log("Limit Ad Tracking: " + AdvertiserID.LMT)