Unlock a New Level of Convenience with Quick Menu

May 9, 2024

Do you like easy, time-saving tools when it comes to your entertainment? We do too. That’s why we introduced Quick Menu – part of our continual drive to improve your entertainment experience. From the game-changing VIZIO Home redesign to recent updates in speed and performance, VIZIO is always looking to level-up. Now with Quick Menu, you can jump straight into streaming, learn more about a show, or add it to your Watchlist. That’s less time scrolling and more time enjoying your VIZIO TV – something we can all get behind.

Here are the key benefits of the new, instant-access Quick Menu:

Save content to Watchlist to enjoy later

Launch entertainment with one click

Access an easy menu of options

All you need to do is hold the OK button or press the Star button to launch the Quick Menu on your VIZIO Smart TV – it really is that easy.

Happy viewing!


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