Meet your enhanced Voice Search

June 3, 2024

Our mission at VIZIO is to never stop improving. That mission runs through everything we do, including enhancing how you search for movies and shows just by saying the words. In addition to the new grid keyboard we updated in June, you can now enjoy searching while you watch content, which means you can continue watching your current movie or show while looking for your next obsession in VIZIO Home. No need to exit an app or start your show over – just an easy entertainment experience.

Wondering how you can use Voice Search? Try these commands:

  • Launch an app: “Open Netflix”

  • Open content exclusive to an app: “Play the Mandalorian on Disney+”

  • Search content by your favorite actors: “Find movies with Will Smith”

  • Search content by genre: “Search for comedy movies”

  • Change settings like subtitles: “Turn on subtitles”

We hope you enjoy a world of faster, better, and easier searching with your VIZIO Smart TV.


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