WatchFree+ Channel Navigation Upgrade

January 30, 2024

What could be better than 275+ FREE live channels on WatchFree+? How about a serious upgrade on how you navigate your way through the

We heard you when you asked for more information when changing channels, which is why we are now launching an upgraded experience as you search for entertainment. Moving forward, when you navigate to a new channel, here’s what you can expect:

●      Content title, description, showtimes, and channel number

●      The option to favorite the channel

●      The option to turn on closed captions

●      Shortcuts to launch the WatchFree+ Guide

This detailed information screen will stay for 4.5 seconds, but if you’d like to view it longer, simply hit the OK button on your remote to re-launch it. And those channels you’ve favorited? You can find them all at the top of your WatchFree+ Guide.

Navigating and personalizing your 275+ Live WatchFree+ channels is now easier than ever. Just one more thing to love about your VIZIO Smart TV.

Learn how here.



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