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Share the Love with VIZIOgram

February 14, 2024

From classroom Valentines to romantic getaways, love always looks better on the big screen. This year, sync your sweetest moments to a VIZIO Smart TV with VIZIOgram and enjoy them all in stunning 4K. Whether you’re sending photos and videos to yourself or to a loved one’s VIZIO Smart TV 3000 miles away, there’s no better way to share the love.

If you’ve not been using VIZIOgram yet, here’s the 101 on your soon-to-be-new-favorite photo sharing app:

  • Download the VIZIO Mobile app on your phone and select the VIZIOgram tab on the bottom of the screen to open the Get Started page
  • Invite friends to VIZIOgram
  • Select photos and videos you want to share (you can send to up to 25 people at one time)
  • Deliver happiness in 4K

Want to know more? Check out the VIZIOgram page on our website.


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