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Mother Nature Deserves a Big Screen

April 22, 2024

At VIZIO, we’re in the “Earth Day every day” camp. This beautiful planet we all call home? She’s a showstopper. Her natural wonders really do deserve to be seen on the big screen. And guess what? It’s easy! The simplest way to get your favorite photos of Planet Earth off your phone and onto your VIZIO TV (or a friend’s VIZIO TV) is with VIZIOgram. Once you’ve downloaded the VIZIO Mobile app, simply head to VIZIOgram, select your favorite photos, and hit send. Those mountain, ocean, and forest snaps can finally get the screen they deserve, just in time for Earth Day.


VIZIOgram is super easy to use. Just follow these steps:


  • Download the VIZIO Mobile app on your phone and select the VIZIOgram tab on the bottom of the screen to open the Get Started page

  • Invite friends to VIZIOgram

  • Select photos and videos you want to share (you can send to up to 25 people at one time)

  • Deliver happiness in 4K


Want to know more? Check out the VIZIOgram page on our website.



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