Share The Summer Fun To The Big Screen Back Home

June 29, 2023

Welcome to the new and improved VIZIOgram. Whether you use VIZIOgram non stop, have been wondering what everyone’s talking about, or have just heard of VIZIOgram for the first time, this post is for you. One of the best free TV apps around, VIZIOgram lets you instantly share photos and videos from your phone to friends and family’s VIZIO Smart TVs. And we’ve just made a ton of enhancements you’re going to love, making it easier than ever to share exciting memories and magnify important moments with friends and family.

But… before we dig into the new features, let’s recap on what VIZIOgram is and how it works.


Some moments deserve more than a quick text message popping up on a phone. They should be… magnified. And that’s exactly what VIZIOgram does. From big memories to small, candid moments, VIZIOgram allows you to instantly share photos and videos from your phone directly to connected friends’ VIZIO TVs. They get to see them on their big screen in beautiful 4K, and you get to feel like your special people are close, even when they’re hundreds of miles away. If you’ve already been enjoying VIZIOgram, we’re sure it ranks high in your favorite smart TV apps.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Getting started with VIZIOgram is simple. If you haven’t already downloaded the VIZIO Mobile app – (side note: you’re going to love the VIZIO Mobile app) – start by downloading it on your phone here for Google Store and here for the App Store. Once downloaded, create a VIZIO Account and find the VIZIOgram tab. Finally, send an invitation to friends to connect, then start sending your grams. It’s like you’re going to connect phone to tv, but better.


In a word: Lots. We’ve been working hard to make VIZIOgram easier than ever to use. Want to invite multiple friends to connect at the same time? Done. Looking to share your photos and videos to up to 25 people at once? Easy. Forward grams to other friends? You can do that now. In fact, we’ve added a ton of new features:

  • Friend Requests: Now send multiple friend requests at the same time
  • Send to Multiple Friends: You can now send your grams to up to 25 people at once
  • Send Photos & Videos Together: Send a combo of photos and videos in one VIZIOgram.
  • Recall Grams: Changed your mind? No problem. Simply delete your sent gram
  • Managing Preferences: From selecting a slideshow option to turning off notifications and more, you've now got more control than ever.


4th July BBQs. Long beach days with the kids. Quick “hello” videos. No matter what you're up to this summer, it’s fun for your friends and family to see it on their big screens, whether it’s a 43 inch smart TV or a 75 inch smart TV. In a sea of TV apps, VIZIOgram is one you can trust for bringing the people you care about closer. Which, if you think about it, is what entertainment is all about.

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