Find the Perfect Match with VIZIO

FEBRUARY 14, 2021

It’s Valentine’s Day again, and whether you’re snuggling on the sofa (or loveseat) with that special someone for a date night-in or flying solo to enjoy some precious Me Time, VIZIO is standing by with your ideal partner. VIZIO is understandably proud of their TVs, but have you been flirting with an audio upgrade? VIZIO sound bars enhance the enjoyment of whatever you watch, unleashing the audio of the latest movies and shows. Finding the right one is quicker, easier and less embarrassing than a night of speed dating.

It can start simply: Have a V-Series TV? Check out VIZIO’s sleek V-Series 2.1 Sound Bar for crisp, clear sound, or perhaps the V-Series 5.1 Sound Bar that surrounds you with sound so you can really feel the chorus of “Awww…” when the mismatched couple finally winds up together in, y’know, every rom-com. Both include a wireless subwoofer that’s easy on the eyes plus it packs an extra kick of bass to set your heart pounding. Have you stepped up to a VIZIO M-Series TV? The M-Series All-in-One Sound Bar is a looker but it’s what’s inside that counts, with multiple speakers hidden within its elegant form factor. The M-Series 5.1 Sound Bar brings movies and music to life with full, cinematic sound, while the M-Series 5.1.2 raises the bar even higher… to the ceiling, in fact, with immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS:X overhead audio from Hollywood’s finest.

Of course, your perfect match might not be such an obvious choice: V-Series TV owners might want to “date up” and embrace an M-Series sound bar, or the M-Series TV crowd might want to discover the incomparable value of a V-Series sound bar. Either way, you can’t lose. Then again, there’s always VIZIO’s version of Prince Charming, the award-winning Elevate™ 5.1.4 Home Theater Sound Bar with auto-rotating speakers, for the ultimate in performance.

Smart TV Seeking Long-Term Companion

Meanwhile, current VIZIO sound bar owners might be gazing starry-eyed at a best-in-class SmartCast TV like the P-Series Quantum X with its gorgeous 4K quantum dot picture that’s brighter and more colorful, so everything (and everyone) you watch looks downright dreamy. Here again, combining complementary same-series gear is a no-brainer for a blissful agreement of price and performance… but who says you can’t mix it up?

Ultimately, you know best what you’re searching for, and there’s a VIZIO TV for everyone. Perhaps you’re an apartment-dweller with the wallspace for a big television, but light-sleeping neighbors. The V51 or M51 might be the right way to go. On the flipside, you might be an avid movie watcher in a smaller living room or even the bedroom, and you want a fully immersive system for your cozy sanctum, in which case the M512 or even the Elevate Dolby Atmos sound bar could work.

Everybody’s needs are unique, but when you fire up your idyllic VIZIO audio/video combo, don’t be surprised when you hear yourself exclaim, “You complete me.”

“Whatever YOU Want to Watch, Honey”

You know what’s a perfect match for a sweet home theater? Endless entertainment, and that’s exactly what you get from VIZIO SmartCast. So, what do you love to watch? Romantic comedies? Thrillers? Perhaps there’s a hot series you’ve been obsessing over, or you want to whip up something special in the kitchen, or you DIYers need some help turning your love shack into a dream house. Sports, music, live content, every genre and sub-genre you can think of: It’s all here, starting with unlimited, no-charge programming via WatchFree, all the way up to the latest premium on-demand releases. Thankfully, SmartCast puts it all in one place. Popular streaming TV apps arrive pre-loaded, with nothing to download and no plug-ins needed. And if you’re ready to take it exclusive, SmartCast also brings you special offers and programming you won’t find anywhere else.

This Valentine’s Day, why not let VIZIO help you find The Perfect Match? Spectacular 4K picture pairs seamlessly with thrilling sound to serve up the best entertainment experience and it’ll last a lot longer than flowers and chocolate!


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