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VIZIO is committed to providing intuitive, user-friendly products that keep you easily connected with your devices. With thoughtfully developed products that work for people, VIZIO focuses on the user’s experience at every stage. Our TVs, Displays and SmartCast™ Tablet Remote offer several accessibility features that can help you get the most out of your VIZIO product, for a truly simple experience.

Accessibility Features

Accessibility Feature Talk Back
Talk Back
Selection of Text-to-Speech Talk Back speaks all settings changes adjusted using the basic remote in English, spoken at the current customer volume. Maximum latency is 250 Msec.
Speech Rate
The rate that TTS is spoken is as follows Slow, Normal (default), fast.
Zoom Mode
Zoom Mode enlarges the graphics plane currently highlighted Settings or OSD by 200%
Accessibility Feature Digital Audio
Video Description
The Digital Audio is included with the over the air broadcast in the digital program stream.  The settings are: English (default), Spanish/Video Description, French.  Currently, if available, broadcasters have included video description in the “SPA” (Spanish) secondary audio channel.  Selection of the SPA setting produces either Spanish or English with video description as provided by the broadcaster. 

Remote Shortcuts

VIZIO Remotes
VIZIO Remote CC Key
CC Key: Enable Closed Captions
First CC key press enables Closed Captions. Second CC key press disables Closed Captions. A notification displays with each key press.
CC Key: Enable Video Description
First 5-second key press changes Digital Audio setting to “Spanish/Video Description". Second 5-second key press changes Digital Audio setting to default of “English”.  Based on the secondary audio included by the broadcaster for the content, audio heard with the first long press of the CC key may be Spanish instead of Video Description.  If that’s the case, then Video Description is not available for the content.  A notification displays with each long key press.
VIZIO Remote PIC Key
PIC Key: Enable Talk Back
First 5-second key press enables Text-to-Speech. Second 5-second key press disables Text-to-Speech. A notification displays with each long key press.
VIZIO Remote Wide Key
WIDE Key: Enable Zoom Mode
First 5-second key press enables Zoom Mode. Second 5-second key press disables Zoom Mode. A notification displays with each long key press.

How to Navigate to Accessibility
For the SmartCast Tablet

To Start:

Select the Settings Icon from the home screen. Scroll down to the bottom half of the settings menu window. There, you will see the Accessibility tab where you can customize your tablet to your needs.

Tablet Accessibility Home Screen
Tablet Accessibility Menu part 1
Talk Back
Turns on and off text to speech and allows the tablet to speak the words, icons, buttons on the screen. TalkBack gives you spoken feedback so that you can use your device without looking at the screen.
Switch Access
Switch access lets you interact with your device using one or more switches by assigning one or more of its keys to actions. Switch access can be helpful for users with mobility limitations that prevent them from interacting directly with the Android device.
Turns on captions and allows users to change captions settings and specify options such as language, text and style.
Large Text
When enabled, enlarges the text of the device.
High Contrast
Changes the contrast on the screen to improve legibility. This feature fixes the text color as either black or white, depending on the original text color.

Magnification Gestures

Allows users to enlarge the text or image shown on the screen using specific hand gestures such as:

  • Triple tap to zoom in and out.

  • Drag two fingers across screen to pan.

  • Adjust zoom level by pinching two fingers and spreading them apart on the screen.
Tablet Accessibility Menu 2
Tablet Accessibility Menu part 2
The screen is set to automatically rotate when moving device between portrait and landscape mode. Select to disable the auto-rotate feature. When disabled the screen will always be oriented in the same direction.
Speak Passwords
Speaks passwords when enabled.
Accessibility Shortcut
Allows users to quickly enable accessibility features.
Text-to-Speech Output
This features allows users to adjust the speed of voice being used by the Talk Back feature when it is enabled.
Touch and Hold Delay
Changes the speed from when you touch the display and let go.
Color Inversion
Switches background and foreground color.
Color Correction
Changes colors shown on screen for viewers with specific types of colorblindness.

You Speak. VIZIO SmartCast™ Delivers.

With simple Voice Search, track down your favorites faster. Easily search movies, shows, channels, songs, actors, artists and more.
The All-New VIZIO SmartCast™ App works with the Google Accesibility settings listed above as well as Closed Captioning.

Tablet Accessibility Home Screen

Enable Closed Captioning through the
VIZIO SmartCast™ App.

  • Select the VIZIO SmartCast™ App icon from your Android tablet home screen.

  • Tap on the settings icon on the right of the app home screen.

  • Select the Closed Caption option.

  • Tap Closed Captions to enable this setting.
Tablet Accessibility Menu 2

For more Information please visit these helpful links: Android Accessibility Features | Google Accessible Products & Features | Android Help Center

or contact a VIZIO representative:  Email: | Phone: 1-877-698-4746

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