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Inscape Data Services.

Inscape Data Services.

Inscape Data Services.

Meaningful insights to bring you more of what you love.

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Innovation by Design.

Innovation by Design.

VIZIO Smart TVs are equipped with the ability to intelligently recognize attributes of the content playing on-screen, from movies to TV shows to games. Inscape Data Services captures this anonymized viewing data in real time, without collecting any personally identifiable information from you (like your name, address, or phone number). This feedback allows for the ability to improve the design of our products and our software, provide more relevant entertainment content options and recommendations, as well as enable our partners to understand key insights that can help shape future programming and content.

Real-Time Insights. Smarter Entertainment.

Real-Time Insights. Smarter Entertainment.

Real-time data for a better entertainment experience.

Anonymized Feedback

Inscape collects anonymized data points in real time, aggregated from millions of VIZIO Smart TVs, to better understand the popularity of content and how users prefer to engage with VIZIO Smart TVs.

Better Quality Entertainment

Inscape provides highly accurate viewing behavior data, which can be used to generate intelligent insights for content providers and advertisers and drive their development of more relevant, more engaging content.

More to Love

Leveraging feedback offered by Inscape can enable us to create next generation products and software that are even more beautiful to behold and help further simplify the entertainment experience so that you spend more time enjoying more of what you love.

Safe and Secure.

Safe and Secure.

Security matters to us, and so does your privacy.

Inscape aggregates data across millions of VIZIO Smart TVs.

Inscape doesn't collect personally identifiable information (like your social security number, name, or address). The data is anonymous.

VIZIO Smart TVs do not have cameras or microphones, and Inscape does not use cameras or microphones in collecting data.

In addition to not collecting personal information, VIZIO encrypts all data before transmission.

VIZIO takes data security seriously and operates in compliance with the VIZIO Privacy Policy. You can find our Privacy Policy here.

Inscape aggregates data through Smart Interactivity, a feature on most VIZIO Smart TVs that intelligently recognizes content and device attributes. The Smart Interactivity feature is set to "on" by default. However, you may turn this feature off at any time directly from the TV settings menu, and doing so will not affect the performance of your VIZIO Smart TV or any online services.

See Our FAQ

Helpful answers to common questions, including how to opt out of Smart Interactivity.

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