By Phil Nickinson
May 21, 2019

Vizio today officially released its 2019 slate of televisions, a 20-strong roster that in addition to featuring all kinds of things like "Quantum Dot Technology" and a ridiculous amount of "local dimming zones" and "Ultrabright 3000" (no, we didn't make that last one up), these are the first to come out of the box with Vizio's SmartCast 3.0 software. And that's important because if it's got SmartCast 3.0, it'll get updated later this summer with Apple's AirPlay 2 and HomeKit standards.

Follow all that?

The TVs range from the V405-G9 on the low end, a 40-inch model that costs $259, all the way up to the 75-inch PX75-G1, which sports a whopping 480 local dimming zones (more is better) and lands at $3,49

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