September 14, 2010
By John R. Delaney

…this 55-inch HDTV delivers a sharp, detailed picture and excellent black level performance, and it features LED backlighting with local dimming, a 240Hz refresh rate, a multitude of I/O connections, and a Bluetooth remote with full QWERTY keyboard for all the Web apps the set offers.

“…the picture maintained good color fidelity and remained sharp even when viewed from an extreme side angle.”
“The XVT553SV also performed flawlessly on the HQV high definition benchmark tests.”
“The XVT553SV drew 127 watts of power during my testing, which is quite good for a panel of this size, so it our GreenTech stamp of approval.”
“With a low list price of $2,200, the Vizio XVT553SV offers top-notch HDTV tech, wireless and wired connectivity, loads of Web apps, and very good HD picture quality.”

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