VIZIO and the Environment.

Electronics Recycling Policy.

VIZIO takes its role in protecting the environment very seriously and encourages responsible recycling or reuse of electronics and the packaging they come in. Electronic equipment contains parts which cannot be thrown away. Proper disposal of electronic equipment is both environmentally responsible and in many areas, required by law. All organizations utilized by VIZIO for recycling services must be certified by a nationally recognized certification body for the proper disposal and recycling of electronic equipment. VIZIO encourages all partners and consumers to also use these standards when disposing of end-of- life products for recycling or reuse.

VIZIO Electronic Waste
Recycling Program.

VIZIO wants to ensure that when our products eventually reach the end of their useful life, they are disposed of responsibly. Multiple states have mandatory recycling and electronic waste takeback requirements.

Please choose your state below to see how VIZIO can assist you with your local electronic recycling needs.

Consumer Electronic Devices Recycled
by Year.

Year Recycled in lbs.
2016 (Jan. - Mar.) 19,695,948.49
2015 43,794,355.40
2014 33,092,231.51

Energy Star Validation.

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

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Awarded ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Designation in 2016:

VIZIO E-Series Models

  • E28h-C1
  • E32h-C1
  • E65x-C2

VIZIO D-Series Models

  • D40n-E3
  • D28h-C1
  • D28h-D1
  • D28hn-D1
  • D32hn-D0
  • D39h-D0
  • D39hn-E0
  • D40n-E3

Awarded ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Designation in 2015:

VIZIO E-Series Models

  • E40-C2
  • E55-C2
  • E65x-C2

Awarded ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Designation in 2014:

VIZIO E-Series Models

  • E320-B0
  • E390-B1
  • E420-B1
  • E500i-B1E

Awarded ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Designation in 2013:

VIZIO E-Series Models

  • E320-A0
  • E320i-A0

VIZIO M-Series Models

  • M320SL
  • M370SL
  • M420SL
  • M470SL
  • M550SL


  • E420VSE
  • M470VSE
  • M550VSE

Less Mercury.

All VIZIO LED Backlit products use a significantly reduced amount of mercury. The display’s backlight is environmentally friendly due to the fact that LED backlights do not utilize mercury.

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