Beautifully Epic.

High Dynamic Range + 4K UHD. Integrated 5.1 Surround Sound. Visionary Design.


Available in 120” and 65”

The TV That
Has No Equal.

VIZIO Reference Series shatters the industry paradigm with High Dynamic Range-enabled 4K Ultra HD. The benchmark of sensory excellence has been set.

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The Picture Of

High Dynamic

Experience dramatically richer intensity, depth and contrast. VIZIO and
Dolby Vision deliver a world of new details with incredible accuracy — from the texture of faces to the glints of light reflected by water.

1,000,000,000+ Today's Conventional Color Gamut
Ultra Color Spectrum

More Than 1 Billion Possible Colors.

For comparison purposes only. Not an actual representation of the colors available.

Ultra Color

Experience a wider range of color and shading never before possible in your home. The VIZIO Reference Series reveals fine details with radiant splendor — expressing every hue, harmony and tone with impeccable accuracy for a nuanced picture that stays true to the creator's vision.

Quantum Dots.

The 65” Reference Series delivers exceptional levels of color variety, precision and saturation using a specialized technology containing billions of light-conducting crystals.

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The Resolution of Full HD.

Captivating 4K Ultra HD.

The VIZIO Reference Series’ 2160p display delivers 8.3 million pixels of brilliant UHD picture quality with incredibly sharp definition and clarity down to the tiniest detail.


Active LED Zones

VIZIO's Most Active LED Zones.

Experience VIZIO’s most vibrant whites and purest blacks for an awe-inspiring level of contrast.

Best Sounding TV.³

Integrated 5.1 Audio.

The 65" VIZIO Reference Series marks a profound audio achievement with integrated 5.1 surround sound.

The New Standard of Smart TV.

VIZIO Internet Apps PLUS.®

VIA Plus1 delivers the most popular apps featuring 4K UHD, HDR-mastered content coming soon to VUDU - as well as 4K UHD content on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and UltraFlix.

The Benchmark for Beautiful.

Two Epic Options.

65” Class

Full-Array LED
HDR + UHD Smart TV
PLUS Integrated 5.1
Surround Sound


120” Class

Full-Array LED
HDR + UHD Smart TV


Reference Series.

High Dynamic Range and 4K Ultra HD TV.
Experience Reference for truly epic entertainment.