Adam Bergman Joins VIZIO Ads To Build Advertiser-Direct Business

IRVINE, Calif. and NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- VIZIO, Inc., America's leading smart   TV company, today announced the addition of Adam Bergman to its growing VIZIO Ads team across the country.

As Vice President of Ad Sales, Bergman is responsible for forging buy-side relationships and driving VIZIO Ads' direct-to-TV ad sales business. He will report directly to Mike O'Donnell, SVP of VIZIO's Platform Business, who leads VIZIO's recently opened New York City office.

"Adam has spent his career working with companies at the bleeding edge of innovation in the publishing and ad tech space," said O'Donnell. "As we're speaking with brands and agencies, Adam's knowledge in emerging media platforms, 1st party data and measurement, and mixedmedia strategies is already proving to be a big advantage for us as we build our advertiser- direct business."

Bergman will lead the sales team tasked with forging direct relationships with brands, agencies and advertisers, and enabling partners to purchase premium TV ad inventory across the VIZIO SmartCast™ platform, including within the launch and discovery environment, partner OTT apps, and throughout VIZIO's popular WatchFree™ service.

"VIZIO's innovative and customer-driven approach to every line of business really drew me to the company," said Bergman. "I'm particularly impressed with how our CEO, William Wang, has embedded VIZIO's customer-first DNA into the company's advertising strategy. We're not just offering preferred premium inventory and targeted audiences, we're offering an ecosystem of millions of TVs that use VIZIO SmartCast."

V IZIO Ads was officially established in December 2019 with a mandate of providing better advertising experiences to consumers and brands alike. VIZIO Ads offers a unique combination of premium inventory combined with direct publisher relationships, resulting in tier one targeted TV inventory being sold with app-level transparency for advertisers.

Bergman joins VIZIO most recently from Samba TV where he led the West Coast client partnerships team. He's spent the entirety of his career in the digital media and ad tech ecosystem, with experience ranging from platforms, publishing, and consulting. Across a variety of roles, he's developed go-to-market strategies for new and in-market brands, mentored startups from early funding onward, and built successful sales organizations that consistently lead to outstanding growth in company billings and customer relationships.


About VIZIO Ads

The VIZIO Ads mission is to deliver a more relevant TV advertising experience to consumers and brands alike. Offering premium, addressable advertising  inventory  inside  of  WatchFree, SmartCast and within popular TV apps, VIZIO Ads delivers advertisers the ability to reach new audiences with relevant messages at the right time. VIZIO Ads gives its customers personable service, app-level transparency and screen-level verification to ensure brands can invest with confidence across one of the largest Smart TV footprints in the U.S. Learn more here:


VIZIO, the #1 American-based TV brand[1] and #1 Sound Bar Brand[2] in America, delivers innovative entertainment solutions and value for millions of connected consumers. Formed in 2002 and quickly established as a daring leader, VIZIO has built a portfolio of industry-leading products that provide brilliant, awe-inspiring experiences while incorporating seamlessly with the smart home. The company designs a collection of televisions, sound bars, and the SmartCast smart TV platform with the consumer's desires in mind, and has been rated America's Fastest Growing TV Brand with Quantum Dot[3] and America's Fastest Growing Sound Bar Brand with Dolby Atmos[4]. VIZIO product leadership is consistently highlighted by industry reviews and awards, and most recently received 30 Best of CES 2020 accolades.


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