What is a Chromecast built-in™ TV?

The internet-connected “Smart TV” has elevated the home viewing experience with its advanced functionality, empowering users to stream their favorite content at anytime. One of the best ways to harness that infinite audio/video smorgasbord is with Chromecast built-in, which allows users to enjoy thousands of Chromecast-enabled Android & iPhone apps, and cast that content directly from their phone to the TV with the touch of a single button.

Getting to Know Chromecast built-in

With a smartphone or tablet, users can stream video and audio to the TV via apps that support Google’s Chromecast built-in technology. This allows users to search for or control content in a familiar touchscreen format. Compatible apps contain a friendly “Cast” button, which simply sends the command for Chromecast built-in to begin streaming that content directly from the cloud to the TV in the highest quality format supported by the service and the television.  The video isn’t mirrored from your phone, which spares your battery. If you power off the phone or leave the house, the current program can continue playing uninterrupted and playback can be controlled by the TV remote instead. When using a phone or tablet, a nice perk is the ease and elegance of using the touchscreen device as the ultimate remote control… one that is likely always by your side.

You and your friends can also cast different YouTube clips to the TV, and Chromecast built-in will queue them up in sequence. Did you start watching a video on the train ride home from work? With Chromecast built-in you can pick up on the living room TV right where you left off.

In addition, when using the Google Chrome web browser on a personal computer, you can cast the display and view on the larger TV screen. This opens up new possibilities for business as well as family time.

“So, What Can I Watch with Chromecast built-in?”

There are literally thousands of apps to choose from, with something for everyone, from the usual suspects such as Netflix and Hulu to music from Spotify and Pandora. Social media and gaming apps can be cast to your TV too, along with your prized photo snapshots thanks to Google Photos and more.

Are you a cable subscriber? Then you may be able to enjoy apps like HBO or Showtime as part of your cable subscription, since some may come bundled with the cable/satellite packages you  already have. Spend some time exploring the apps and you might find that you’re able to use your current cable or satellite login credentials to access certain app and cast them to your TV whenever you wish.

…And Then There’s VIZIO Chromecast built-In TV

Now that you understand the allure of Chromecast built-in, make sure the TV that it’s built into has everything you need. VIZIO TVs offer outstanding picture quality with the brightness, contrast and high dynamic range (HDR) to make movies and TV shows truly breathtaking. They even support state-of-the-art Dolby Vision HDR, available on a number of titles from supported providers. VIZIO televisions can also pass high-end Dolby Atmos three-dimensional audio from apps like Prime Video and VUDU to compatible speaker systems, such as these sound bar solutions.

Not surprisingly, VIZIO is presently on their fourth generation of intelligent SmartCast™ TVs, offering an entire lineup of models engineered to play well with the latest smart home platforms and voice control including Google Home with the Google Assistant, Siri via  Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, and Alexa-enabled devices. VIZIO SmartCast™ also boasts a clean, nimble interface that’s a pleasure to navigate.

To sum up: Chromecast built-in is a terrific Smart TV technology that elegantly assembles and controls thousands of entertainment options, and a Chromecast built-in TV offers several further advantages. And SmartCast™ TVs with Chromecast built-in combine all of the above with VIZIO’s uncompromising picture quality, for quite possibly the best Smart TV experience.

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