TV Features Gamers Need NOW | VIZIO

There’s never been a better time to be a gamer.

With not one but two next-generation consoles dropping in 2020, gamers can now enjoy the most immersive gameplay with the jaw-droppingest graphics ever. And to harness the power of that new hardware, you’re probably going to need a new TV to connect it to. These consoles rock some unique new capabilities, so here’s some of the key tech you’ll want to keep in mind during your quest:

Hardcore PC gamers geek out over the fluid, lifelike graphics of high frame rate gaming, now coming to consoles. To achieve that über-performance, the TV needs to sync its frame rate to the game’s frame rate, which can vary based upon the intensity of the action and the complexity of the visuals. As of their most recent software update, VIZIO M-Series TVs now include AMD FreeSync. P-Series TV’s come with AMD’s latest performance standard, AMD FreeSync Premium. This improves the accuracy of Variable Refresh Rate (or VRR) playback while reducing the nasty tearing or artifacting errors you’ll encounter on non-gaming TVs, for a smoother, more immersive gameplay experience during today’s most demanding games.

In addition, P-Series TV’s work with multiple VRR technologies. Gamers are given a competitive edge in the latest games, at up to 4K resolution and 120 frames per second, for greater motion clarity and smoother gameplay. Not to be outdone, VIZIO OLED TVs support VRR and resolutions up to 4K at 120fps as well, all with deeper black levels that make games, movies, and everything else look their best.

4K Performance

4K gaming is here! Consoles are tricked out for 4K graphics, and thanks to our processor and 8M+ pixels at the ready, VIZIO TVs deliver great performance for gamers. 4K is four times sharper than high definition, and that jump in clarity and detail gives you a serious edge in all multiplayer games, particularly first-person shooters. 

Dolby Vision HDR

High Dynamic Range, or HDR for short, puts more light and color on screen, so HDR-enabled games look extra-awesome on TVs that support this technology. Dolby Vision is a specific, more advanced version of HDR, with even greater color accuracy and peak brightness in supported games. Fortunately, all 2020-21 VIZIO 4K TVs have Dolby Vision HDR, making them a great option for gamers. Now the glowing eyes of approaching enemies are even more terrifying--and easier to spot--while shadowy scenes reveal surprises you never knew were there before.

Dolby Atmos

Select titles also support Dolby Atmos for cinema-quality immersive audio, bombarding you with sound that can come from anywhere, even from overhead. For 2021 VIZIO products, Atmos is supported in P-Series and select M-Series sound bars (sold separately; more on that in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned).

“Game Mode”

We get it: Not all of you are chugging Red Bull for three days straight to finish the game, some of you are just looking to have a little fun before streaming the latest movie or series with friends and family. That’s why all VIZIO TVs have an easy-access Game Mode that quickly, automatically adjusts key picture settings for the ideal video game experience, then back to movie-optimized levels in a few simple clicks.

Fast, Powerful Processing

Think of it as a digital brain: Like a computer (or a game console), a TV has a processor inside to perform its many dazzling feats of picture quality. VIZIO’s new IQ Ultra™ processor, available on P-Series televisions and above, is the fastest, most powerful ever offered by VIZIO, with 64-bit image processing, a 1GHz CPU, plus onboard AI and machine learning abilities (not the Terminator kind). Inside M-Series and V-Series TVs, meanwhile, the lightning-fast IQ Active™ processor delivers outstanding picture processing and intelligent 4K upscaling, serving up next-gen games in crisp, stable 4K.

VIZIO TV Gaming Features and Models

Different VIZIO TVs pack different onboard gaming features. The affordable VIZIO V-Series 4K TV brings the V-Gaming Engine™ that cuts input latency (that lag between when you press a button and when the results can be seen onscreen), so the game reacts when you do, and turns on Game Mode automatically.

When you step up to the VIZIO M-Series, P-Series, and VIZIO OLED TVs, the ProGaming Engine™ unlocks next-level gaming performance with unique features such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), AMD FreeSync, and a more intuitive Auto Game Mode that automatically optimizes your gaming for the best experience from your favorite titles.

All 2020-21 VIZIO 4K TVs also have future-ready HDMI 2.1 inputs to hook up to the latest consoles and more, giving you the best picture and sound quality plus smart interconnectivity.

To Sum Up….

VIZIO’s entire 2020-21 4K TV lineup is locked and loaded for today’s gaming! VIZIO is as fired up as you are about the new consoles, so if you’re hungry to get the most out of ‘em, look no further.