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Why VIZIO Ads?

We built a best-in-class smart TV platform and modern TV advertising ecosystem that delivers both a compelling combination of entertainment and utility to millions of households.

The combination of hardware and software gives our clients the ability to leverage data-driven TV advertising ranging from targeted in-stream video to branded experiences - all delivered direct to device and measured by third parties that can validate your message reaches the right audience.

We took all the good things about digital advertising and all the best parts of TV advertising and put it in one simple offering. On top of that, we’re easy to work with and open to innovating your approach together.

Reach | Relevancy | Transparency


Bridging the Gap 

The direct-to-device advertising platform built for the future of TV.

We connect brands, agencies, and audiences by offering direct-to-device advertising that enables:

  • Exclusive: Premium inventory from VIZIO’s Free Channels

  • Trusted: Advanced measurement powered by Inscape ACR data

  • Reach New Audiences: Incremental and unreachable streaming audiences

  • Unique: Advertising and content experiences



Access the scale of one of the largest Smart TV platforms in the U.S. 

Incremental vs. New Audiences

  • Target “unreachable” audiences without traditional cable or satellite subscriptions

  • Audiences across hundreds of premium, free ad-supported TV channels

  • Exclusive direct publisher partner inventory from ad-supported streaming applications



First-to-market ad products that deliver high-impact, relevant creative. 

Data-Driven Ad Experiences

  • A full suite of data-driven advertising products to manage reach and frequency at the device level

  • Targeting capabilities inside the search and discovery process

  • Addressable and dynamic ad insertion offerings



The trust brands and programmers require. 

Invest With Confidence

  • Bringing the precision and transparency of digital to TV

  • Using the most powerful glass-level data set in the market

  • Collecting opt-in data from millions of devices

  • Inscape’s custom targeting solution that ensures your ad is seen across desired audiences 


Ad Solutions 

Driving day-date-time messaging? Delivering a new film DTC? Grabbing customers before a Netflix binge? Meeting your media objectives has never been easier, with our product suite. 

TV Featuring Croods
Hero Banner

The star of the SmartCast homescreen and your viewer’s first stop on their content journey 

TV Featuring SmartCast UI
In-Banner Video 

Sight, sound, and motion delivered to every SmartCast viewer 

TV Featuring SmartCast UI
Sponsored Carousels 

Give audiences the curated binge they crave—without having to search 

TV Featuring SmartCast UI
Addressable / Dynamic Ad Insertion

Our fully addressable solution offers digital-like targeting in a linear environment 


Hear From Our Partners 

Our mission at VIZIO Ads is to revolutionize media buying. It should be easy, efficient, and strategic. Here’s how we’re doing so far, according to some of our partners. 

“VIZIO will play a very strategic role in our future plans and vision. The fact that they have so much data at their fingertips is going to help us make better decisions on everything that we do as an agency and as advertisers. Not only do we know that we’re placing our spots in the best location possible to reach our audiences, but we also want to have the ability to understand that audience who was exposed to our ads has actually taken action. It is really, truly a triple threat.” - Brad Stockton, Dentsu 


Dive into Platform+

Want to know more about VIZIO Ads and VIZIO's Platform+?  Visit here for more information and clips from our first ever IAB NewFronts.

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